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Topic subjectHis reaction was excessive
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2749395, His reaction was excessive
Posted by guru0509, Wed Oct-27-21 07:47 AM
It was a simple question . Save that rah rah anger for your subpar offensive and defensive lines

Dude won a Super Bowl 13 years ago bc Santonio made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history

What has he done since besides get angry in press conferences and keep a sharp lineup ?

He’s acting like he won something as of recent lol

And the whole booster blank check line was pure bullshit. Money talks.

>My coach was HOT!!!!
>some jughead ass reporter asked him about interest in coaching
>college since people threw his name out there.
>the 22:30 mark.. https://youtu.be/C9_3ifYgfzU
>so disrespectful to ask a Black head coach with 15 years in
>the NFL if he is thinking about college in a presser during
>the season
>“aint a booster with a blank check big enough”
>I know you are never supposed to say never but NEVER!!!!