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Topic subjectYou’re a very poor communicator and are very hostile.
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2749365, You’re a very poor communicator and are very hostile.
Posted by allStah, Tue Oct-26-21 06:54 PM
Your approach is always combative.

My point is that Ryan Clark buzzed it way before USC did, which he stated
as much on ESPN. He was the first to associate Tomlin with a college
program, and he is black.

Pete Carroll coached for the Patriots, and then later on went to USC
and turned them into a powerhouse institution. So I think USC was thinking
along those lines again.

I don’t think the rumors regarding Tomlin were racially motivated, as
him not being considered a great NFL coach. I think it has more to do with
getting someone who can attract top black athletes, and at the same time
having the ability to fix and clean up an institution.

If Tomlin were released by the Steelers his phone would be ringing off the hook
from College and NFL teams. He is well respected on both platforms

We are are not talking about some school like SMU here. We are talking
about USC one of the greatest college football institutions. Shit, and with the
way college is going, the NCAA may soon be dead, and colleges move on to
create their own super leagues.