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Topic subjectRyan Clark stated that LSU should go out and get
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2749362, Ryan Clark stated that LSU should go out and get
Posted by allStah, Tue Oct-26-21 05:44 PM
Mike Tomlin, because his history as an elite coach is outstanding
and he knows how to run a staff. And that they should offer him
whatever he wants.

I don’t think race or any kind of tokenism had anything to do with it....

Mike is a stand up guy and is very loyal, so of course he has no intentions
of leaving Pittsburgh. But coaching College isn’t necessarily a step back, college coaching salaries rival some nfl salaries, and College is a coach’s league where they carry a lot of power (maybe even too much power).

I actually think the act was a form of appreciation or respect...

No college is interested in Andy Reid or Sean Payton.....names aren’t
hot enough in my opinion, and with the success Dion Sanders is having
at JSU, a lot of institutions are going to try to emulate that.

Almost every year some NFL coach’s name gets thrown in the rumor mill
regarding a college coaching position.