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Topic subjectBoth teams have legitimately good defenses. QB play leaves a lot
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2747890, Both teams have legitimately good defenses. QB play leaves a lot
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Sat Oct-09-21 05:41 PM
to be desired though. Sean Clifford has the tools to be really good, but can’t seem to put it together. He still has accuracy issues and forces bad, unnecessary throws like he did on that first drive. Now he’s injured and the backup looks a bit rattled. 3 false starts on his first drive. Yikes. It will definitely be interesting to see if PSU can hang on.

But to your main point, I think everyone knows there’s a pretty vast separation between Alabama/Georgia and everyone else. Iowa beat a high ranked ISU team and has a really easy schedule post PSU til the conference championship. PSU still has to go through Iowa, OSU, Michigan and the conference championship to stay in the top 4. I don’t feel real confident they will run the table, but if they do, they’ll get a chance to get their asses beat by Bama or Georgia. I mean, Oklahoma is ranked #6 and their defense is horrendous.