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Topic subjectRE: Tony Kahn was on LeBatard, before the season…
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2747793, RE: Tony Kahn was on LeBatard, before the season…
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Oct-08-21 12:56 PM
>extolling the virtues of Urb and how he sees him as a father
>figure. He was legit gushing, when talking about him. Tony
>is kind of a friend of the show, I wonder if he’ll come back

yeah that's the thing Urb projects this image of a "family man" then you see him on a barstool (in his defense he was probably holding on for dear life but it looked like he had his thumb up her butt lol) its just his arrogance, you're Urban Meyer in Columbus, Ohio, its not like you're trying to be on some low key shit so he shouldn't be surprised when it became a story. Its similar to when he tried to hire that racist assistant coach or tried to make Tebow a TE, he just thinks he can do shit because he's Urban Meyer but the NFL is a lot different than college. If his team was 2-2 instead of 0-4 things would probably be a lot different too...