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Topic subjectImagine if Cam never stole the laptop….
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2747753, Imagine if Cam never stole the laptop….
Posted by guru0509, Thu Oct-07-21 08:59 PM
>>Braxton Miller fell in his hands instead of a Jeff Driskel
>tl;dr: Meyer put all of his eggs in the wrong QB basket, then
>ended up with them all over his face.
>it wasnt Jeff Driskel tho. it was John David Brantley, who
>played for a small Catholic school in Ocala that beat up on
>small public schools. he was a big fish in a tiny pond, and a
>Gator legacy, and clearly not the guy.
>so in 2008 Meyer goes all in on Trey Burton of Venice HS,
>current TE for the Colts, as his next veer option savior.
>Burton committed in 2008 before his Jr year, and summer of
>2008 is when I moved to Port Charlotte, about 25 minutes from
>Venice. hearing about this local wonderkind my ex and i rode
>out to see him play one night.
>he was NOT good, just full grown already. Dri Archer, a 5'7
>fireball and future consensus AA at Kent State was the spark
>for everything they did. i watched them on TV a few more
>times and it was more of the same. incidentally Archer went
>on to beat Denard in the 100m state finals and did a 4.26(!)
>40 at the combine.
>in 2009 without Archer, Venice was meh. Burton racked up a
>bunch of short yardage TD runs and decently efficient passing
>against a usually loaded box. to me, he was a poor man's
>Jermaine Gonzales (OLSM) with more power in his running.
>Jordan Reed had already been moved to TE, so in 2010 UF went
>out there with Brantley, Burton, and....nobody else. Two
>major misses at QB. Meanwhile, people in Florida are starting
>to wonder why Denard isnt around.
>Season goes along terribly, Denard becomes the first 2500/1500
>QB in NCAA history while Brantley and Burton flounder, and
>voila. He needs to spend time with his family because of blah
>blah blah.