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Topic subjectthis was the key thing that i had a lil unique perspective into
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2747720, this was the key thing that i had a lil unique perspective into
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Oct-07-21 12:36 PM
>Braxton Miller fell in his hands instead of a Jeff Driskel

tl;dr: Meyer put all of his eggs in the wrong QB basket, then ended up with them all over his face.

it wasnt Jeff Driskel tho. it was John David Brantley, who played for a small Catholic school in Ocala that beat up on small public schools. he was a big fish in a tiny pond, and a Gator legacy, and clearly not the guy.

so in 2008 Meyer goes all in on Trey Burton of Venice HS, current TE for the Colts, as his next veer option savior. Burton committed in 2008 before his Jr year, and summer of 2008 is when I moved to Port Charlotte, about 25 minutes from Venice. hearing about this local wonderkind my ex and i rode out to see him play one night.

he was NOT good, just full grown already. Dri Archer, a 5'7 fireball and future consensus AA at Kent State was the spark for everything they did. i watched them on TV a few more times and it was more of the same. incidentally Archer went on to beat Denard in the 100m state finals and did a 4.26(!) 40 at the combine.

in 2009 without Archer, Venice was meh. Burton racked up a bunch of short yardage TD runs and decently efficient passing against a usually loaded box. to me, he was a poor man's Jermaine Gonzales (OLSM) with more power in his running.

Jordan Reed had already been moved to TE, so in 2010 UF went out there with Brantley, Burton, and....nobody else. Two major misses at QB. Meanwhile, people in Florida are starting to wonder why Denard isnt around.

Season goes along terribly, Denard becomes the first 2500/1500 QB in NCAA history while Brantley and Burton flounder, and voila. He needs to spend time with his family because of blah blah blah.