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Topic subjectBroncos DT Dre' Mont Jones has some choice words about Urban Meyer
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2746800, Broncos DT Dre' Mont Jones has some choice words about Urban Meyer
Posted by guru0509, Sun Sep-19-21 07:01 PM
Urban Meyer’s tenure as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach is off to a rocky start, to say the least. Not only did the Jaguars look hapless in a 37-21 loss to division-foe Houston in Week 1, but reports broke prior to the game painting a negative culture created by Meyer behind the scenes.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Meyer hasn’t exactly excelled in his jump to the professional ranks. Sources told La Canfora that Meyer lashed out after preseason losses and hasn’t quite grasped how to manage the day-to-day NFL operations, causing him to clash with veteran coaches and players.

Dre’Mont Jones, a former player under Meyer at Ohio State and current Denver Broncos defensive lineman, was asked Thursday about the alleged turmoil in Jacksonville.

“Am I surprised by it? No,” Jones said. “I just know how he is. I’m not going into great detail about it. But, like, it doesn’t surprise me.”

The Broncos travel to play the Jaguars at 1 p.m. ET Sunday. Jones signed with Ohio State in 2015 out of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio. The 247Sports Composite ranked him as the No. 133 player nationally, No. 10 strong-side defensive end and No. 6 overall prospect in the state of Ohio.

Jones played under Meyer from 2015-18, making an immediate impact as a redshirt freshman by starting in 12 games. He finished his career with 115 tackles, 22 for a loss and 9.5 sacks, 8.5 of which came in his junior campaign.

In June, Jones joined Denver teammate Shelby Harris on Shel-Shocked Harris’ weekly podcast hosted on 94.1 FM. Harris asked Jones how he thought Meyer’s coaching style would translate to the NFL.

“NFL coach wise, he’s going to have to shake things up to how he was doing,” Jones said. “How he coached us was, he didn’t really f--- with you if you weren’t like a player. If you weren’t playing, those conversations didn’t exist. Like I was a four-star recruit. This man was out here hyping my head up to, ‘Bruh, I don’t even know you.’ Like we’d walk past in the hallway and I’d say ‘How you doing coach?’ This man looked at me like I was crazy for speaking to him and just keep walking. He showed zero respect. Zero respect.

“I’m like, this the type of dude you are? As things go on I’m starting to learn more. Every time he talks to you, it feels like it was his first time talking to you. It’s like he didn’t remember having a conversation with you.”

Jones said that, while star players like Joey and Nick Bosa and Ohio State’s quarterbacks were treated like “kings and gods,” the rest of the players had to fight to be acknowledged.

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“This man ridiculed you, dogged you. He’d do it in front of the team so bad he’d make you want to quit.” Jones said.