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Topic subject*record scratch* What drugs are you on?
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2746724, *record scratch* What drugs are you on?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Sep-19-21 12:40 AM
>>However, he leaves a bit to be desired when it
>>comes to in-game adjustments, time management, and
>>creative game plans, etc.

Standard racial coding here

Black coach is a rah rah guy who doesn't understand the game

This is why he might take the USC job, because he shouldn't
have to deal with racist shit like this

>and recruiting has taken a dip


Dip from what to #1?

>as for him as a person...the vanderbilt rape situation was
>pretty gross.

Relative to....TOSU? Are you smoking crack?

>but overall has done a nice job at psu and they could
>certainly do a lot worse.

Jesus Christ