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Topic subjectyou sure have a lot to say for a guy who doesn't care
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2746664, you sure have a lot to say for a guy who doesn't care
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Sep-18-21 02:06 PM
>the OP was focused on Urb's NFL status

'SC' is in the freakin thread title.

it's like you're seeking new and inventive ways to be loud, mad, and wrong.

>but whenever he's in
>the convo the osu faithful feel the need to run in and offer
>their opinion lol

so frank isn't allowed to comment with relevant info to the discussion, OSU fans aren't allowed to comment on your threads...what exactly is the point of you posting in the first place? maybe add a disclaimer to the bottom of your threads on who and what people can comment on so as not to hurt your juvenile ego?

you post a steady stream factually incorrect info, get mad when called out for being an idiot and then cop pleas about how you dont care about the topic at hand...yet cared enough to start a thread on it and probably 100+ threads on urban over the years. if there is anyone who is obsessed with urban and osu, it's you.