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Topic subjectI mean, you said something that seemed wrong. So I checked.
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2746620, I mean, you said something that seemed wrong. So I checked.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Sep-18-21 01:27 AM
And I thought I'd provide facts for interested parties. Yes, schools compete with other in-state schools-- no one really said otherwise. But, and far more to the point, when it comes to the most important recruits, they compete with the elite out-of-state schools. Miami isn't missing on recruits because of Florida and FSU. They're missing out on recruits because of Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, etc.

I actually think NIL has a pretty good chance of *helping* many schools keep their elite recruits in-state, because I think there's potentially higher market value and visibility if, say, the best Arkansas HS player becomes the face of Arkansas football rather than another guy waiting his turn to shine at Alabama. But you're right that we don't really have any clue. There's also a decent shot random universities with some billionaire attached suddenly get a couple of program-changing recruits just based on the new and creative options colleges have for bag dropping. It's a whole new ballgame in a lot of ways.