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2746609, yet another inane convo
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Sep-17-21 04:08 PM
top players go where they win games, get maximum exposure, and get sent to the league. none of this other stuff matters.

>because without them its just another dry ass college town
>with nothing to do.

I take it you've never actually been to any of these places.

>Most kids from SoCal and FL would rather star at schools close
>to home but local competition pushes them elsewhere.

so all of the 5 star qb's from LA who are now starting at clemson, bama, and osu left LA because the competition was too stiff at local schools? what are you talking about?

there are a grand total of 3 football programs in LA/Miami and all of them have brand new facilities and all of them have sucked for the majority of this century. living in proximity to a major city is pretty low on the list of requirements for recruits.