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Topic subjectStephen A Smith Opens Up On Max Kellerman’s Departure From First Take
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2746101, Stephen A Smith Opens Up On Max Kellerman’s Departure From First Take
Posted by Reeq, Thu Sep-09-21 04:35 PM

salute to him for actually keeping his word and comjng back on (and owning up to wanting him gone). the actual reason is prolly less forthcoming but at least he didnt evade the whole situation entirely.

this prolly sealed the deal...
https://youtu.be/6ilnqIZfLw0?t=257 (4:17)
2746180, Him and Max never meshed from day 1
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Sep-10-21 07:59 AM
And I know SAS got tired of having to take the coon side of these social topics because you can’t have Max being hard on niggas.
2746184, it was bad anyway, SAS is a basketball guy and Max was a boxing guy...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Sep-10-21 08:52 AM
listening to them give their "expert" opinion on other sports was annoying and offensive.
2746185, ESPN = Everybody Screaming Sports Network
Posted by bentagain, Fri Sep-10-21 09:00 AM
I literally can’t watch espn with the sound on anymore
Maybe SAS wouldn’t be so annoying if the entire network didn’t adopt the loud wrong guy character
Really need an alternative sports channel

IRT the OP, bull$hit
You don’t just change the anchors for change’s sake
He knows why.
2746190, the original Sports Reporters show was good and PTI was good starting...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Sep-10-21 09:12 AM
out but they're even annoying now 20+ years later especially Wilbon with his current "old man yelling at the cloud" routine.

ESPN has unsuccessfully tried to duplicate the success of those shows by throwing every sportswriter with an opinion in front of a camera and its sad any sickening.

I don't want to see Bob Ryan on my tv. What warranted giving "Stat Boy" his own show?
2746196, RE: the original Sports Reporters show was good and PTI was good starting...
Posted by jimaveli, Fri Sep-10-21 10:05 AM
>out but they're even annoying now 20+ years later especially
>Wilbon with his current "old man yelling at the cloud"
>ESPN has unsuccessfully tried to duplicate the success of
>those shows by throwing every sportswriter with an opinion in
>front of a camera and its sad any sickening.
>I don't want to see Bob Ryan on my tv. What warranted giving
>"Stat Boy" his own show?

Sports reporters was my shit all the way. I would watch that show live.

But now, yes…it’s fox/cnn status now. Most of these folks are not even kinda sorta trying to ‘get it right’ or offer dynamic takes. It’s just ‘this or that’ tomfoolery where everyone and everything is trying to be POLARIZING to troll people who should know by now that they’re getting trolled. But somehow they don’t. Or maybe the drama and negativity of it all is what some people want and crave. I’m Danny Glover on some old I’m too old for this shit…err..shit.

At least the Herd will occasionally just be like ‘man, the dude is good..what are we doing!?’. And throwing Joy Taylor on there is literally a boobie trap for me. But still..I’m out on almost all of it.
2746204, RE: Fox news
Posted by bentagain, Fri Sep-10-21 12:14 PM
Seems like a lot of white women with blonde hair too…
2746206, RE: Fox news
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Sep-10-21 03:03 PM
>Seems like a lot of white women with blonde hair too…

I don't know if I agree with that, since the whole Rachel/Maria debacle its seems like they have gone on their way to avoid that demographic except for the young lady on NFL Live. Elle Duncan who is also white but has some ethnic flavor seems to get a lot of screen time. Mia Kimes seems to get a lot of air time. Sage Steele despite her political leanings seems to have become a favorite again. Monica McNutt seems to be getting a lot of airtime now. Christine Williamson had started to pop for a minute but I haven't seen her recently.
2746350, Dude, Elle Duncan is black
Posted by allStah, Sun Sep-12-21 10:23 AM
and is married to a black man and has black kids.

She left a Boston sports network to work at ESPN due to
the racism that she endured why working in Boston.

“I never really discussed it publicly, the experiences my husband – then-fiance – and I had in Boston because I knew that based on prior experience and history that Boston is incredibly defensive about any accounts from Black people about any racism that they’ve faced there,’’ she said, noting that she was initially inspired to speak out via Twitter because she was inspired by the Red Sox’ candor.”

She has never represented any other ethnicity.
2746526, cool
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Sep-15-21 10:48 AM
2746527, Elle Duncan is black as fuck…
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Sep-15-21 10:53 AM
and what is “ethnic flavor”?
2747381, lawry's hip hop salt?
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Sep-30-21 05:46 PM
2747382, RE: Elle Duncan is black as fuck…
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Sep-30-21 05:51 PM
>and what is “ethnic flavor”?

her husband is black
2759748, Elle is super black, from ATL and hides her southern black slang well
Posted by ne_atl, Sun Mar-06-22 04:44 PM
From Sports radio with 2 Live Stews to Black radio stations and local news. She has done very well for herself. The A is very proud of her. I honestly had no idea she went to Boston. I stopped keeping up when she left local radio
2746202, Wouldn’t that be ESSN?
Posted by Eff That, Fri Sep-10-21 11:23 AM
2746203, lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Sep-10-21 11:53 AM
2746210, Can't wait for this year's ESSY's
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Sep-10-21 05:26 PM
2746218, ESPN replaces legendary dun nun nun duh nun nun gingle with
Posted by bentagain, Sat Sep-11-21 07:04 AM
2746220, Who you tryin to get crazy with ESSN? Don't you know I'm loco?
Posted by RagOnMe, Sat Sep-11-21 08:05 AM
2746312, Straight up and down FUCK Screamin Stephen yo
Posted by Anonymous, Sat Sep-11-21 07:38 PM
I ain’t even a fan of ESPN or Max but I watch the clips on YouTube when they come up and I’m interested in a topic and I was getting tired of the way he was disrespecting Max in that show.

Max said some straight up dumb shit sometimes but there were many times when he had a point to his angle and SAS would just come in and be like “I can’t believe I have to listen to this dude speak on basketball! You ain’t even qualified to speak on basketball!”

Mafucka…That’s his job!

And I know he’s playing a role but he be taking that shit too far.

And the honest truth is, SAS don’t know shit about basketball either. This dude has been wrong EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

2746522, The minstrelsy is off putting
Posted by Beamer6178, Wed Sep-15-21 08:16 AM
He's got far more to offer than being JUST LOUD. Yet, we barely ever get to hear that. I have never been a daily watcher but I've seen enough content over the years and I rarely hear him talk about how racism has impacted his life and shaped his journey. It seemed like only when he was on that bullshit criticizing Kaep that some of it came out.

He's going for a late night show. Maybe he'll get to show that side more. I just can't fuck with the spectacle.
2747339, first take ratings tank during 1st full week without max.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Sep-29-21 03:00 PM

homie got a lil out over his skis on this one.

if ratings stay on the downward slide...channels start looking at you dragging down the entire morning block (since viewwers like to stick to a string of shows on 1 channel for their morning viewing). thats when they start looking at what they pay you compared to that next round of upfronts in the advertising dept.

this cat really thought he was gonna make the jump to late night on a major network too.
2747343, praying we dont end up with Ocksenio
Posted by Castro, Wed Sep-29-21 04:18 PM
2747344, Lol, late night tv hosts have to be charming and have a sense of humor
Posted by guru0509, Wed Sep-29-21 04:29 PM
this guy is loud and abrasive as it gets, and I can't think of a single moment where I laughed at something witty or clever that he said

>this cat really thought he was gonna make the jump to late
>night on a major network too.
2747345, the Stephen A Invitational Show is not a fun watch at all
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Sep-29-21 04:30 PM
also Marcus Spears is everything they ever hoped Kendrick Perkins would be and more. dude is awesome at the talking head entertainer thing
2747346, I tried to watch, yesterday…
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Sep-29-21 05:07 PM
just to see what he was going to say about the Cowboys game. He had Keyshawn on. I didn’t make it 5 minutes. And, yeah…Swagu been one of my favorites since he was a Cowboy. I specifically watch Get Up when I know he and Dominique are on.
2747348, Y'all take shit too far
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Sep-29-21 08:23 PM

Stephen A is annoying as fuck

Stephen A is one of the greatest sports TV personalities
ever, approaching Rushmore status, and is entertaining,
witty and funny

I don't like most of his views, but unlike you children,
I know how to read the room

The problem is that he's stretched way way way too thin
and is overexposed. He signed up for it so I don't feel
sorry for him, but there is NO ONE we woudldn't get sick
of if we saw them that often

I remember Bill Simmons, who HATES everything about ESPN,
recently giving Stephen A tons of credit for how hard it is
to be on for as often as he is, all the time, all day

No one else has that kind of burden
2747350, nah, hes loud and annoying and conceited
Posted by guru0509, Wed Sep-29-21 08:42 PM
and people who like him are usually loud, annoying and conceited too.

2747360, You're loud and annoying and sad
Posted by Orbit_Established, Thu Sep-30-21 08:48 AM

For real

Just letting you know sir
2747396, keep cheering / twerking for Stephen A Smith , your prerogative nm
Posted by guru0509, Fri Oct-01-21 11:14 AM

2747390, The same 2 guys yelling at each other gets old after a while...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Oct-01-21 01:20 AM
personally I think its time for Wilbon and Kornheiser to hang it up. I was huge fan early on but now they sound like old men yelling at clouds.
2747392, SAS is the dude in the barbershop that will argue with the barber....
Posted by Castro, Fri Oct-01-21 08:08 AM
while you are in the chair...and will get up and have to be told to sit down and STFU. He is the dude at the barbecue that will argue to the point that the grandmothers will come over and shush him. He is not a sympathetic character.

Its worked for him though, he's the rooster of sorts at ESPN, but pairing him with anybody at this point is undoable because everyone has reached their saturation point with SAS. So he forces Kellerman off because you know, them checks are still LOVELY, right. But now the numbers show what everyone been been thinking: STFU dude.

He should take a sabbatical, write a book, something that he can argue about, and then come back with a new show in a couple of years.
2747393, right like someone said it before I think its overexposure. It seemed...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Oct-01-21 08:43 AM
like it got really bad during the height of the pandemic when most of the other "talent" at ESPN was off they got comfortable with having Stephen A and Max on there all day, every day talking about everything.

I've said before Stephen A is good with the NBA and Max is good with boxing but when they start talking other sports they just sound like the annoying guy at the sports bar/barbershop.
2749891, So instead of listening to both of them yell at each other for two hours...
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Nov-02-21 01:13 PM
they gave them each their own show to yell at people for an hour? ESPN is that the best we can do?
2749918, RE: replies 3 and 11
Posted by bentagain, Tue Nov-02-21 05:16 PM
I have no idea how people can watch that ish at 7AM
2749920, ESPNews is the closest we have to the OG sportscenter
Posted by guru0509, Tue Nov-02-21 07:05 PM
>I have no idea how people can watch that ish at 7AM
2758775, they got something with mad dog chris russo.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-16-22 05:51 PM
him and stephen a got great chemistry.

they better put dude on here full time.
2758776, mad dog can give it back to him just as loud lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Feb-16-22 05:57 PM
2758778, lol yeah man its mad entertaining.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-16-22 05:59 PM
2758779, yeah I was thinking the same thing
Posted by Lach, Wed Feb-16-22 06:33 PM
I tuned in for the first time in forever just to see how it would go and Russo's persona is a better fit it appears than Max.
2758783, This shit is hilarious
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Feb-16-22 08:07 PM
Russo out there meshing like he's Stephen A's twin-flame lol.

I'm dying.

Look at how pleased he is with Russo's commentary at the beginning of this lol:

2758818, I still think Stephen A gets jealous of Mad Dog at some point
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Feb-17-22 09:55 AM
He actually does the "yelling sports guy" much better than Stephen A. I give it maybe a couple months before Stephen A wants him gone.
2758821, Russo look like the Wario version of Skip Bayless nm
Posted by guru0509, Thu Feb-17-22 10:16 AM
>him and stephen a got great chemistry.
>they better put dude on here full time.
2758837, bruh 🤣
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Feb-17-22 12:25 PM
2758906, This is great, the levels on the mic must be turned down for these 2 lol
Posted by Heinz, Sat Feb-19-22 12:49 PM
2758948, maaaaaaan the segment was called "Beard Science"?!
Posted by Nodima, Sun Feb-20-22 12:09 PM

"This is the streets, and I am the trap." � Jay Bilas
Hip Hop Handbook: http://tinyurl.com/ll4kzz
2759580, they done did it again!
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-02-22 01:55 PM
mad dog trending on twitter. several meme worthy clips. old first take fans engaged again.

i seriously havent seen this much buzz around first take since the skip days.

i hope mad dog dont have any racist past tweets or some me too shit buried somewhere. this is rapidly approaching must see (sports) tv.
2759586, I know he’s stepped in it before
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Mar-02-22 02:38 PM

But that was 8 years ago so I think ESPN gonna pull the “that’s old shit” unless something else pops up
2759591, damn thats only 8 years ago and pretty bad.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-02-22 03:10 PM
and not slip of the tongue bad.

apparently stephen a smith went and worked on mad dogs sirius xm channel in a move to bring in a black voice after that rant.

stephen a mentioned he worked for mad dog russo on first take a week or two ago. he didnt get into the circumstances that surrounded it lol.
2759592, An old white guy, racist? *surprise*
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Mar-02-22 03:24 PM
2759590, He matches SAS energy, I'll give him that
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Mar-02-22 03:03 PM
Max's weak point was being far too deferential

But this Mad Dog cat is, up to and including that stupid moniker, basically a cartoon character.
2759925, As someone who grew up in Jersey, he's always been like that
Posted by magilla vanilla, Tue Mar-08-22 06:59 PM
2759974, I suppose it wouldn't feel so off-putting were I from there
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Mar-09-22 12:21 PM
In general,I hate most radio host personalities like that

It's always some ridiculous, over the top delivery that i just can't stand, and Mad Dog sounds like he wants to loan me money, or else.

SAS was the first cat I saw on TV with over the top personality where it didn't actually feel like a tryhard gimmick.

2759973, Mad dog is hilarious, I never listened to him before bc of Francesca
Posted by guru0509, Wed Mar-09-22 12:06 PM
but he needs to be a permanent fixture on First Take.

the only one I've ever seen to make Stephen A take a step back



>salute to him for actually keeping his word and comjng back on
>(and owning up to wanting him gone). the actual reason is
>prolly less forthcoming but at least he didnt evade the whole
>situation entirely.
>this prolly sealed the deal...
>https://youtu.be/6ilnqIZfLw0?t=257 (4:17)
2792129, Old white guys talking loud are not the move
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed May-24-23 10:05 AM
2792148, I'm laughing at him & his "bob cousy is the GOAT pg" arguments
Posted by guru0509, Wed May-24-23 05:58 PM
edit, i didnt know hes STILL on espn, and a regular

i thought it was a once in a while thing.

idk who (with a job) watches these shows daily