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Topic subjectBen...Watson is a bigger ?
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2746099, Ben...Watson is a bigger ?
Posted by bentagain, Thu Sep-09-21 04:31 PM
It's interesting that Watson has not yet been put on the exempt list
So I guess he's not playing...by choice?
Holdout + Legal issues = I'm not sure who's trading for that

Ben has issues, that can be fixed
The biggest issue with him currently in PHI is fit
We drafted Fultz, if he doesn't go bust...is Ben even a PG
Both Embiid and Ben made comments about the lane being available for Ben to drive
Ben said something about being more aggressive in the open court and finding lanes to drive to the hole before the halfcourt is setup
Embiid also said he moves out to 3 in order to give Ben more opportunities to drive
i.e. I think he would be better suited on a team that he can play small ball 5 on D and PF/PG on offense, like SAC