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Topic subjectCedric Ceballos in ICU due to COVID...
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2746015, Cedric Ceballos in ICU due to COVID...
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Sep-07-21 04:53 PM
2746016, Get vaxxed.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Sep-07-21 05:30 PM
2746032, ^^
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Sep-08-21 10:35 AM
2746045, Also get your flu shots. Its not like last year. Things are open...
Posted by guru0509, Wed Sep-08-21 10:21 PM
we're back outside.

germs out and about.

2746049, ^^^^^^^ This. Get that Rona and Flu shot.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Sep-09-21 07:19 AM
2747412, Ced made it out the hospital...flow on
Posted by DJR, Fri Oct-01-21 07:45 PM
2747413, Great news for Ced
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Oct-01-21 09:56 PM
Saw him speak on his experience as well quite bravely.

It's pretty interesting - and sad - when you observe how the Covid discussion has devolved. I've had multiple conversations with people who are weary of the risk of myocarditis with the vaccines - yet don't even acknowledge that there's actually a higher risk of developing myocarditis from covid-19 infection itself. The proportionate risk analysis is wild and people have built a cult tribe around trying to not spell vaC$Ine (so as to not be detected by big tech lol) - or rabidly referring to it as a "gene therapy" - and being infinitely more afraid of the vaccines than actual Covid-19 infection. Yes: there's a risk with taking a vaccine -- nothing is devoid of risk. But to posit the risk from the vaccines as significantly higher than the risk of an active SARS-CoV-2 infection? Bizarro rationale.

When it comes to active players, the holdouts are making more noise. Not many leaders in the league openly talk about their decision to get vaccinated. Bron was asked about the vax the other day and shared his story on why he and his family got vaccinated. I think that kind of personal story can have impact - particularly when you're telling it while simultaneously acknowledging the personal autonomy of others in making that decision.

(btw: have y'all apologized to LeBron James for calling him MAGA anti-vax and being big mad & wrong about him not being vaccinated?)

What's funny though is that a lot of these talk-show covid politicos who are so adamant in decrying the vaccines are actually vaccinated themselves lol. People citing Tucker as to why they're not vaccinated when he was first in line for that Pfizer double dip lol

2747473, Well said, thank you
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Oct-03-21 12:49 AM

How you been, sir?

2747817, RE: Well said, thank you
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Oct-08-21 06:05 PM
>How you been, sir?

been well, brother. Thankful to have health and community in these times. How's your world?

You watching Fury-Wilder III? Something tells me it's going to be an interesting one. Saw a video of Steward 9 years ago predicting that both Fury & Wilder would rise to the top of the sport. Wild prophecy.

2747523, Lol, didnt Lebron just come out and say vaccines are a personal issue?
Posted by guru0509, Mon Oct-04-21 08:04 AM
after cosigning that empty hollow statement from Draymond regarding vaccines

>(btw: have y'all apologized to LeBron James for calling him
>MAGA anti-vax and being big mad & wrong about him not being

The greatest player of all time (only a stupid fuck would disagree with that btw) said it best

Abdul-Jabbar says that players who remain silent about the vaccine are no longer legitimate role models.

“They are failing to live up to the responsibilities that come with celebrity. Athletes are under no obligation to be spokespersons for the government, but this is a matter of public health,” the Hall-of-Famer writes Rolling Stone in an e-mail. Abdul-Jabbar is especially disappointed in athletes of color: “By not encouraging their people to get the vaccine, they’re contributing to these deaths. I’m also concerned about how this perpetuates the stereotype of dumb jocks who are unable to look at verified scientific evidence and reach a rational conclusion.”