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Topic subjectRIP David Patten
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2745833, RIP David Patten
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Sep-03-21 01:13 PM
I remember watching the Super Bowl with a ton of Rams fans...when he caught that TD on Dexter McCleon, the whole room just deflated...right before halftime and put the Rams in a hole.

2745836, Start seeing motorcycles, man.
Posted by Buck, Fri Sep-03-21 01:42 PM
Saw one almost get run over at a stoplight just yesterday.

2745837, Agreed but the reports I’m seeing says he crossed into the other lane
Posted by calij81, Fri Sep-03-21 01:49 PM
I understand why motorcycles land split during traffic but I also hate it.
2745845, Ah, well. See motorcycles, and if you're riding one, don't be stupid.
Posted by Buck, Fri Sep-03-21 05:13 PM
2745861, Rest in peace.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Fri Sep-03-21 11:22 PM