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Topic subjectCaught some of Naomi and Coco's matches
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2745645, Caught some of Naomi and Coco's matches
Posted by bentagain, Tue Aug-31-21 08:17 AM
Cotdayum Coco is diesel
She definitely has been putting in work, salute
Was worried in that 1st set
Other lady looked like she got gassed...and Coco put it on her
but her forehand looks like an issue
She pushed a lot of forehands out of bounds
Her backhand is lethal

Naomi didn't really need to do too much
She needs to get that first serve in more often and cut down on the errors
The real story was how comfortable she looked in the post game on court interview
She was running around, giving out souvenirs to fans, etc...looked comfortable speaking, etc...