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Topic subjectThe beautiful game!
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2745366, The beautiful game!
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Aug-23-21 10:24 AM
2745368, nice to see the president of the home club
Posted by will_5198, Mon Aug-23-21 10:44 AM
(whose fans were fighting) blaming the opposing team's players

also the white talking heads on ESPN say there needs to be big-time bans against the Marseille players for their reactions, since it's totally normally to get assaulted at work
2745370, Mallianz at the Allia--*giant cane cartoonishly pulls me offstage*
Posted by RagOnMe, Mon Aug-23-21 10:53 AM
Don't they have netflix in the french riviera?
2745371, My uncle lives in Marseille....that is a ROUGH ass city
Posted by guru0509, Mon Aug-23-21 11:43 AM
Nice is the same way...its not nice

dark and cold, dirty, rude people, trash everywhere

its like San Francisco but with French accents

that's all I got to say.