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Topic subjectRE: It's another WWE talent purge.
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2750124, RE: It's another WWE talent purge.
Posted by jimaveli, Thu Nov-04-21 11:28 PM
Seems like WWE is going anti-indy now. The remains are gonna be bigger humans, old name brand folks (AJ Styles, Randy Orton). And Roman Reigns being excellent while they hopefully groom someone to be worth a damn..I guess?

I still can’t shake the idea that they are fucking up with this ‘watch the show cuz it’s the show..the people on it? Fuck em’ plan. I get it, the money says they have it right. And WWE only people can’t wait to look at a list of releases and say that everyone on the list is useless.

But if Reigns goes to do movies or says ‘fuck it, ima go be a daddy’, they are at least temporarily fucked if not up creek for the long haul.

Also, could they release Ricochet puhleeze!? Dude should be jumping off of shit in matches that at least kinda sorta matter. Ospreay is top of the card for instance.

In the meantime, actual indies should have hella people to get their hands on.

AEW will get a few of these folks too. Lee, Kross/Scarlett, and Franky seem like the ones. I hope Keith Lee is healthy regardless.

These AEW PPV cards are going to get to the point where they look like fantasy booked shows from Fire Pro Wrestling if the don’t already. They still aren’t perfect by any stretch but they treat the wrestlers like individual entities and not just ‘fill this segment in this way for this long..if you’re not over, it’s your fault even if you stooge and/or lose all the damn time’. I can dig that. And I’m pulling for their Magnum TA to win the big one in a way that sticks and makes Hangman big Cowboy Shit for years to come.