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Topic subjectDays after announcing that they’re more profitable than they thought
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2750114, Days after announcing that they’re more profitable than they thought
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Nov-04-21 08:36 PM
I really thought Keith Lee would be fine in spite of them fucking up his push, cause how does that not happen? The guy has an undeniable level of talent. One of those guys you see live and just say “wow, I didn’t know that was possible.”

I’m on record as not liking Kross, but it’s insane how bad they fucked up his promotion. There have been a lot of NXT wrestlers they fucked up on the main roster, but this is the worst, especially where I always figured the gimmick would work better on Raw.

Couple other perplexing releases of people who just got there like Franky Monet. I get that B-Fab’s wrestling so far has left a lot to be desired, but her presence really ties together Hit Row imo.

Ember’s release isn’t really surprising but it is disappointing. She had a great look and one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen and they couldn’t make her a star?