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Topic subjectthis was a good illustration of why the show doesnt click for me
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2747391, this was a good illustration of why the show doesnt click for me
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Oct-01-21 07:42 AM
the match, in a vacuum, was very good. if i bought a ticket to see this live and that was the main event id have gone home quite happy.


this is allegedly serialized weekly television, and Sammy Guevara has not been presented as someone capable of this at any point since this show has been on the air, while Miro had actually been built as a star.
its not to say a Sammy win couldnt have worked for me, but hoisting him up for a finisher and then stunting on his lifeless body with the 630 senton seemed way less logical, and definitely was way less engaging for me, than setting it up for him to steal one while Miro rages about it. this show expects me to see people a certain way because thats how they tell me to see them rather than booking them to be seen a certain over time and giving it roots. Sammy hadnt done anything of note in a very long time outside of quitting War Games like a bitch, but now he soundly thrashes the guy who out-brawled Eddie Kingston? cool lol.

beyond that, whose side am i supposed to take in this dispute?

the match was really good. on par with some of the other highlights of the last few weeks. but in context of what the show is from week to week it made no sense to me. I suppose it did solve the problem of the TNT champ being more of a top guy than the world champ, but i would have rather seen the other side of that equation get adjusted upwards.