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Topic subjectRE: Miro/Guevara = fantastic
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2747355, RE: Miro/Guevara = fantastic
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Sep-29-21 10:14 PM
>that's exactly what I was looking for, the brute vs the high
>Guevara is like a more charismatic Kidman.
>Great stuff

Sammy is SMOOTH.

Miro is so wonderful. He’s in amazing shape, he sells at least as well as best days Brock, and his matches feel right even when they are squashes.

And I keep bringing this up..but the ability to physically carry making a finishing sequence look frantic is big business. Him and Sammy did just that. I made me sit up in the bed with a shocked face.

Aew is overtly trying to do a good job with the wrestling part while still trying to tell stories/do good character stuff. When they started, I damn near thought they would be happy with being a badass American indy that was a love letter to Japan but nope…they’re trying to do it all. I appreciate them for it and now they have grown a grand roster of folks to keep the party rolling for a good while with any luck. Good times.