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Topic subjecta point to remember i think
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2747133, a point to remember i think
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Sep-25-21 03:38 PM

>Yes. He can be so great when he’s good. But sometimes he
>goes into a damn near Russo-esque shtick about stuff he
>doesn’t like. He will big up a Stan Lane then act like he
>can’t deal with Big E. He’s down with Adam Cole but fuck
>Johnny Gargano (now).

most of his criticisms of almost anyone in WWE are really criticisms of the tripe coming out of the writers' room that they saddle someone like poor Big E with.

and tbf, Gargano is boring 😂.

>It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with me. It’s about
>him presenting himself as a shoot when he’s pretty clearly a
>work..especially when he’s claiming to despise something.
>Maybe he really hates Kenny, the bucks, and maybe Owens/Sami.
>The rest of the current folks he bashes? I don’t buy it.

who else would that be tho? when he said that Marko Stunt had no place in the ring with Danielson/Omega/Christian/Jungle Boy a few weeks ago bc it was "main event time" (JCs words) he was right. if he takes that sort of thing personally because he thinks it reflects badly on the business that existed prior, is he really out of line to be saying so?

hes working a gimmick, but like all great gimmicks, its not contrived or artificial. i also dont really think he says things he doesnt mean. he didnt have to come out and talk about how great Dynamite was 2 episodes ago. the way he delivers the opinion is the real draw, but thats the same way hes been delivering his opinions for the last 40 years. to continue the analogy, as opposed to looking at it as "work/shoot" i think its more appropriate to view it as "ribbing on the square" when it comes to most of the things he runs down.

i think the real reason ppl have such a negative reaction to him is that when he shits on something they like, he does it with such precision and with such an extensive knowledge base to reinforce it, that theres often not a real argument to refute any of it. thats why it usually devolves into "hot tub" "Cuck-nette" "out of touch" "mad he doesnt have a job" etc etc etc.

also, i find it odd that when the business so aggressively leans into people knowing that wrestling is fictional entertainment, people get mad when he runs down TV characters and entertainment companies? i dont remember anyone praising all the hard work required to make Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, or gladhanding Adam Sandler's performances in Grown Ups because of how much it meant to him personally.

finally, to bring it back to the comment that started this side thread, my wife is often around when i listen to the Experience/Drive-Thru at home. "Twinkletoes McFingerbang" and "The Hardly Boys" get her every time lol. she usually watches at least *some* Dynamite with me, and FWIW she agrees with a LOT of what she hears from JC.