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Topic subjecti really liked it...until i didnt
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2747129, i really liked it...until i didnt
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Sep-25-21 02:45 PM
the first 25 minutes were great, and Omega's serious approach was great too

but a few things derailed it for me. for one, helping each other climb to the top for the dragon suplex took me out of it a little, but that would have been okay, except that the repeated headshots took me out of it a lot. the knees and kicks to the head thing isnt unique to this match, so its not really about them personally. but its SO dumb and screams to me "HEY JUST FYI THIS IS ALL FAKE". i feel like fight fans have been too educated to ONE knee or kick ending MMA fights to see Omega eat 3 unguarded kicks to the head and then pop up for offense. its just goofy to me, and i hate that it left that taste in my mouth. the first 25 minutes were unquestionably good, and that was the best Omega ive ever seen.

i dont see how it ever changes so ill either get used to it or i wont i guess. personally id rather see strong pinning combinations that get wins over struggling opponents than have to put someone in a near-vegetative state to even get a close 2.

I really hated the finish tho. i love a good time limit draw, but the bell out of nowhere with no time updates or countdown was rather ill conceived. who watches a sport or fight where no one knows how much time is left in a contest? and if they were going for the old "submission!... jk draw" trick, it was a bad miss. gotta have someone in sustained agony and make the story about him making it to the bell.

still...25 minutes of good TV is a W and it was an effective commercial for the November PPV.