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Topic subjectPhenomenal episode of Dynamite last night
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2747025, Phenomenal episode of Dynamite last night
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Sep-23-21 08:53 AM
What else can be said about Omega/BD? When they run this back I hope it goes 45 minutes. And when they run THAT rematch back I hope it’s 2 out of 3 falls. Phenomenal. I thought it was especially cool that Danielson made it clear that “Bryan Danielson” is a totally different type of competitor than “Daniel Bryan”. I saw him wrestle Kenta in the Manhattan Center in 06 for ROH and this felt like that - some of the most violent and creative offense you’ll ever see in the States.

And Omega was superb…Ieft that match wondering if he’s more like Cena, in that as good as he is he’s largely dependent on the dance partner. Cena/Orton? Bad. Cena/Punk? Magic. Omega vs Jericho, vs Moxley, vs Christian hasn’t yielded especially inspiring results…and that’s before you even get into how he’s presented as a character. But with a game opponent and enough time to show and prove , Omega reminded the world that he can be not just good but special.

I too thought they were gonna do the Austin/Bret switch last night with Cody/Black. I don’t think this was by design…I think Cody’s weekly melodramatic shtick was done in earnest in the beginning and he’s realizing that he wore out his welcome. Provided they pivot to the heel turn soon enough there’s limitless potential for him and even more mileage in this program. Two great wrestlers with great CHARACTERS.

Is Britt Baker can Charlotte the best possible fantasy match on Earth right now? Again, she’s a CHARACTER. If I’m Tony Khan She needs to get the Reigns treatment and carry that thing for over a year and just shove her greatness down everyone’s throats.

I hope MJF is done spinning his wheels with Pillman Jr. I’d love to see MJF vs Hangman whenever he returns.

There’s an almost 0% chance that Guevara/Miro sucks next week provided they get enough time. Cocky young Hispanic kid vs Hoss European brute? I am SO in. If next week’s match is just the start of their program , then this first match would be an appropriate time to debut Lana.