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Topic subjectRE: If he sticks to older stuff, he's still on point.
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2746978, RE: If he sticks to older stuff, he's still on point.
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Sep-22-21 03:32 PM
>Him breaking down all of Hogan's lies over the years was
>gold. I might not have agreed with everything he said re: the
>Plane Ride From Hell, but it was still interesting to hear.
>The AEW stuff is insufferable. Doing week to week TV recaps
>isn't doing him any favors either.

Yes. He can be so great when he’s good. But sometimes he goes into a damn near Russo-esque shtick about stuff he doesn’t like. He will big up a Stan Lane then act like he can’t deal with Big E. He’s down with Adam Cole but fuck Johnny Gargano (now).

It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with me. It’s about him presenting himself as a shoot when he’s pretty clearly a work..especially when he’s claiming to despise something. Maybe he really hates Kenny, the bucks, and maybe Owens/Sami. The rest of the current folks he bashes? I don’t buy it.