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Topic subjectI don't blame ya. The product is ice cold right now.
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2746601, I don't blame ya. The product is ice cold right now.
Posted by pretentious username, Fri Sep-17-21 12:32 PM
>Thanks for keeping this on the radar. I am VERY guilty of
>falling off on my NJPW following. I still give it a glance
>from time to time. Youtube, seeing who is winning/losing
>titles, injuries, that stuff.

They took a major hit when the Elite left, even if the product was still appealing to the diehards. But over the last 1.5 years COVID continues to deal blow after blow to this company. They try to mix things up to keep it entertaining, but most of their ideas are not good. I do like Shingo as champ, but by and large, they are very good at long-term booking and very bad at short-term booking. Anytime a wrench gets thrown into the mix they are scrambling to make things work.

The American side of things is frankly way more exciting at the moment, and part of that is cause the gaijins don't want to go to Japan to quarantine for a couple weeks before wrestling*. The Wrestle Grand Slam shows were not bad per se, but performing to a couple thousand in an arena that fits like 10,000 and the fans can only clap is just weird.

All that said... it's the fucking G1. I will always be excited for it. And I've heard they're keeping last year's format of just one non-tournament match to start the show. That's very good news. Making people sit through a ton of multi-man tag matches would be a lot to ask.

*I honestly wonder if this affects Wrestle Kingdom. Jay White, Ospreay, and others are not happy with the company and NJPW will likely be asking them to miss the holidays with their family just to be ready for 1/4. This makes the decision to split WK into 3 shows even more baffling. I truly don't think they have a solid idea of what these shows will be, they're just kinda keeping some balls in the air and hoping things fall into place.