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Topic subjectHappy G1 Climax Eve y’all
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2746597, Happy G1 Climax Eve y’all
Posted by pretentious username, Fri Sep-17-21 09:47 AM

A Block is fire. Not a lot to be excited about with the B Block though. Obviously Okada and Tana are in it, but outside of that it’s pretty boring. Cobb has been looking great and I’m a big fan of Taichi, but he’s not a real contender. SANADA had his shot last year and EVIL’s shenanigans are beyond old.

My prediction is Naito winning the A Block and Cobb winning the B Block. Naito comes out on top and faces Shingo in the Dome. Then Ospreay comes back with his belt to challenge the winner on Night 3 of Wrestle Kingdom*.

Anyone else have predictions? Is anyone still paying attention to this company? Lol.

*Too many nights btw. What are they doing?