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Topic subjectVince/WWE are masters at this shit. it doesn't matter if he moves the needle
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2746516, Vince/WWE are masters at this shit. it doesn't matter if he moves the needle
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Sep-15-21 02:01 AM
He's almost certainly not going to be booked or treated in a way that allows him to move the needle.

He can talk. He clearly has personality and oozes charisma.

He could bottle that tomorrow and tweak his presentation in a way that draws ratings and garners a notable crowd reaction, and its wouldn't matter.

Because he'll lose non title matches.

He'll lose tag matches. Sure, the other guy will eat the pin, but he'll still be on the losing side of things.

If he gets a push and some more serious character tweaks, he's got the tools to go far. He's among the more exciting Hoss' to watch. He's a freight train out there. One of my favorite matches of the last decade, was Big E vs Rusev, because they built Rusev into such a badass that beating him mattered, and Big E seemed poised to do it.

That match had big title match energy. He lost, and beating Rusev eventually became a meaningless feat.

Remember The Hurt Business? The best thing all last year?

They got broken up right before crowds came back to take that next level step.

There's no reason to believe they'll position Big E in a way that actually elevates him in a tangible way, with any lasting effect.

Ryback was once a thing that fans were behind. I remember they built Ryback and Ziggler, knocked them back down to nothing, before rebuilding each of them in a big way leading up to Survivor Series.

Vince promptly cut them right back down. Same with Braun, who had at least two times where he seemed like the natural player to elevate.

Remember The Fiend? Bray came back repackaged and ready to take that leap. Nwo they wish him well on his future endeavors. He could have been a Taker level star. Instead, he's the poster child for everything's broken about WWE's perceptions and treatment of their talent.

I ahve no reasons to expect that Big E will escape a similar fate, not with Vince and Bruce running the show. A year from now, after Big E gets jobbed out to Reggie or Nia Jax or some shit, Bruce will say they give him a shot, but just didn't have "it" or whatever.

I think thAt they think that this is enough, and we'll all just be- or should be- happy with that much.