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Topic subjectRE: AEW really have them shook like that?
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2746494, RE: AEW really have them shook like that?
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Sep-14-21 05:02 PM

>They wanted Big E to come out of it as a clear face so they
>had him call it out beforehand. And then they went out of
>their way to say 'hey! He's cashing in!'. Allegedly they were
>trying to not tank ratings vs the first Monday Night

I mean, I know this is what WWE is putting out right now as the reason for the change, but it's B.S.

I know Bryan Alvarez isn't the most beloved guy around here, but he has a point regarding why WWE hot-shotted the title change. The previous week's RAW is all about setting up a tag team match for this week. Then after Wednesday, they change their plans. Which is more likely?

1. Vince and the front office saw that they placed behind Dynamite in the 18 and 49 demo and adjusted accordingly.

2. They JUST remembered that were going to go up against MNF, so the changed their plans.

Assuming that the WWE forgot until the weekend that MNF was coming up make them sound hugely incompetent. Reacting to AEW winning a key demo at least suggests they're paying attention.