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Topic subjectRE: Agreed. Same reason they have some MITB lose their cash-in
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2746492, RE: Agreed. Same reason they have some MITB lose their cash-in
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Sep-14-21 04:36 PM
>>Money in the Bank cash-ins are supposed to happen in
>>They wanted Big E to come out of it as a clear face so they
>>had him call it out beforehand. And then they went out of
>>their way to say 'hey! He's cashing in!'. Allegedly they
>>trying to not tank ratings vs the first Monday Night
>It needs to be presented as random. And I think this was
>definitely more about combatting football ratings than it was
>about combatting AEW's momentum. Plus Raw needs the help more
>than Smackdown or their PPVs, so they need to present Raw as
>anything can happen at anytime. Not to mention they want to
>keep Roman as champ for a long, long time. Lashley has already
>had about as long a run with the title as one would expect.
>>WWE is going out of their way to present themselves as not
>>caring about AEW. Their main thing is this: already have
>>WWE mind control machine working against their own remaining
>>smaller and/or more indy-style wrestlers.
>I mean, I can't tell if their attitude towards AEW is genuine
>or if they're just pulling the wool over their eyes, but
>either way, they're not too worried about them even if they
>should be. Their new NXT direction just seems dumb given that
>they had the best of both worlds. Their main product was
>focused on big muscular wrestlers and NXT was a super indie
>(while still being a developmental).

I'm just hoping they don't throw their obviously excellent NXT history in the trash now just because they are changing directions. If Vince has decided now that he's sooooo opposed to small/indy guys, that's his business and his call. Fuck, he's VINCE. And, in some ways, it makes sense now that so many other feds exist and have decent things going on. And they are clearly at the point where NXT can't match resources with AEW.

But I'm already annoyed with the negativity towards smaller guys that didn't take long to gain hella steam in rasslin circles. It really supports the concept that some of these folks who are a part of the rasslin community can be tricked and fooled very easily.

I hope that the guys and girls who put in great work in NXT all get a fair shot somewhere somehow either way.