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Topic subjectWhat, they should started it off with a 20-minute promo like it was...
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2746060, What, they should started it off with a 20-minute promo like it was...
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Sep-09-21 11:37 AM
...RAW in 2003?
>Like, I think Goldust is one of the most underrated workers
>ever…but off the hottest PPV in ages you’re gonna open the
>show with a Goldust match? Hm.

No, after the PPV recap, they started the show with a Malachi Black match, the bad-ass, already hugely over heel. And then they increased his bad-ass bonafides while continuing his story about going through the Rhodes family.

Then they brought out Punk and he played to the crowd and set up his next story. They set up the next women's title match, had an epic heel promo from MJF, and set up matches for Friday's Rampage. Then brought out the Elite and Bryan Danielson and started setting up that program, which start REALLY kick into gear with the stadium show in NY. And finished it up with the hometown hero and still one of the most popular faces in the company going over. Worked for me.

>And, like I said above, the Elite are garbage as a
>“faction”. Someone else has said it in this thread already
>but if you compare the way Reigns is presented vs the way
>Omega is presented , one looks like a top guy and one looks
>Backyard AF.

I'm certainly not a fan of most of the Elite when they're not actually wrestling, but Adam Cole makes them a ton more interesting. And he'll have his first match in the company next week.