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Topic subjectRE: Bret v Kid / Punk v Darby comparison supercut (awesome!)
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2746014, RE: Bret v Kid / Punk v Darby comparison supercut (awesome!)
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Sep-07-21 04:22 PM
>>I also love that he pointed at the heel tunnel on his way to
>>the back. His heel run might be flat out excellent if he
>>figures out how to get booed.
>I was dying at that. And when the crowd chanted “Welcome
>back” and he points to Darby and goes “Him? Or Me?… Oh

A cool thing about all of these migrations and moves around the industry is that it seems like more folks are openly selling to us that they are where they want to be AND they have some kind of mission whether its a shoot, a storyline, or both. WWE is being forced to make this more of a thing for more of their workers and I like it all.

Bryan wants to G0DD@MN WRESTLE against random nerdy wrestler around the industry on his way to retirement, being a dad, and planting some trees.

Punk wants to like the people he works with, give some young people the same rub he was dying to get in WWE, and make some money off of something that he thought he was done with 7 years ago. (Tony Kahn and crew deserve big credit for talking him into the building. The shows and amped crowds are already paying it back).

Edge wants to make up for lost time and show that he was and is great on the biggest show there is vs the biggest stars.

Christian is doing the same as Edge but starting from a 'lower' standing on a smaller stage cuz he couldn't get what he wanted from WWE to do it there. You know he has to have a big chip about it too.

AJ wants to make a few more dollars and help newer folks now that he's proven that he wasn't just a 'TNA/indy guy'. And he got hand-picked by Taker for his last Mania. That's one helluva feather.

Reigns wants to fully make good on being THE GUY that Vince has been dying for him to be this whole time. Oh, and please acknowledge him and appreciate that Leukemia didn't Magnum TA him.

Deonna on Impact wants to prove that she can work for real and WWE had it wrong to toss her out without giving her a run.

Jericho wanted to prove that he could be a foundational superstar for a brand new fed to build itself up on until they could get some folks over and/or bring in some more established folks so that it wasn't Jericho or bust. Mission: complete. Wrestlers want to be in AEW. The money is good. The mood and schedule is too. And people are being convinced that they can be 'important' to the fed in some way.

Ospreay wants to prove that he can be the top stuff gaijin in Japan even though they picked a bunch of folks over him for years.

It's all really cool to see.