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Topic subjectRE: Big E skulking around Paul E has been getting over big with me
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2745935, RE: Big E skulking around Paul E has been getting over big with me
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Sep-05-21 01:47 PM
>Big E can work, and we're about to see if Roman has reached
>that level of class where he can make Big E a main event star
>while beating him
>but beyond that, Corbin has been awesome for me. the usos
>have been having incredible *TV matches*, seemingly a lost
>art. Kayla Braxton alowly driving Paul E off a cliff has been
>great to me. Edge and Seth Rollins are keeping their feud an
>actual feud. even Rick Boogs is working for me. i wasn't
>watching most of Dolph Zigglers career but ill take as much of
>that as possible too.
>the format of WWE television still grates on my nerves, but
>Smackdown has been enjoyable for me the last few weeks/months

Yes..weekly TV format industry-wide is so bloated/meant to eat time that it forces you into starting late and having your fast forward game tight. That's how a Rampage works on me as well. They're trying to pack it with 1 or 2 angles, 1-3 solid matches, maybe a squash or two, then get on outta there. I can dig it. Imagine if Raw ever felt like they were truly trying to pack it tight with a slew of actual stuff that somehow fits in and matters in some way...

But that damn Paul is doing top end work. And, kinda like Russo CLAIMED he did, the whole show has some kind of weight to it. The midcard has super strong shit going (Edge/Rollins like you mentioned) on plus some folks trying to build themselves up.

And Ziggler!? Man, you missed him with Big E and AJ Lee? That was a good time. Then, they yo yo'd him up and down the card aimlessly until I basically couldn't stand to see him. And I almost hold it against him that he didn't leave when he had the chances. I was dying for him to do the Cody, McIntyre, AJ Styles, Andrade, Nakamura, etcetera 'take a chance on yourself' thing however it ended up happening. Staying with WWE, at least for me, was like Dolph saying 'yeah, I'll take the money and kick it in catering even if I know I'm never gonna be anything major here'.

Real talk: I'm kinda looking at Adam Cole like I was looking at Ziggler. If WWE says out loud that they are going away from small/indy dudes and looking for studs/hosses/large folks that they can hopefully turn into 'superstars', they're basically saying out loud that they aren't interested in Adam Cole unless he's gonna be there to get beat up by stiffs while trying to coach them up to not suck. I could be WRONG and maybe they're going to take him to the moon cuz he's good at everything wrestling-wise and someone has been able to sell Vince on him. But really..that doesn't seem realistic to me. We're gonna see! I hope he's not gonna be a little Ziggler 3 years from now. And his fine ass ladyfriend and his old buddies are in AEW too? AND they're throwing money around? Seems like he needs to be there.