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Topic subjectAgree with most of yours, but I’ll this
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2745926, Agree with most of yours, but I’ll this
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Sep-05-21 03:15 AM

>Punk vs. Darby - I expect Punk to go over in front of a
>Chicago crowd, but the Masked Man show kinda made me doubt
>this assumption. The storyline here is he wants to face a
>young guy to see if he still has it. If Darby wins, that
>arguably makes Punk’s story more compelling. Still, I
>don’t think they’ll be able to avoid that hometown pop. In
>fact, I think this match goes on last for that reason.

Yeah, gotta be Punk here. This is REALLY what everyone is paying to see.

>Bucks vs. Lucha Bros - I can see this going either way.
>Logically they should wait to take the title off of the Bucks
>until they can face Santana and Ortiz in New York in a couple
>weeks, especially since this match doesn’t have a big build.
>But also, I’m almost certain that none of the other titles
>are changing hands, so this is the most obvious candidate.
>Either way, this match could absolutely steal the show.
>Hopefully Fenix doesn’t kill himself with whatever flippy
>shit he does off the cage. I think it’s obvious from my
>avatar who I’m rooting for lol.

Gotta be the Lucha Bros. here. In fact, I’ll be pissed if it isn’t. I think I’ve said this here before, but the Bucks whole gimmick since turning heel has been “We outsmart everyone and we get outside interference!” Then, the final Dynamite before they PPV, they pin Fenix clean and have the Elite kick the shit out of them for the mega heat segment. To not pay they off with the Lucha Bros winning in a cage match would be slopppy storytelling. It would be NWO/WCW storytelling. If they indeed want to give it to Santana and Ortiz in NY, then at least have the Lucha Bros look good in the go-home show. Or just have the Lucha Bros drop in to S & O to further the Pac/Andrade storyline.

>Women’s Battle Royale - The ol’ convoluted deck of cards
>gimmick! I think Ruby Soho (Riott) debuts, but doesn’t win.
>Maybe Jade Cargill or Thunder Rosa???

I think I read that the Britt/Thunder Rosa rematch isn’t coming until 2022. They seem to be giving Conti a lot of airtime. So maybe her?

Also, I figure the surprise will either be Ruby or Sasha. Sasha should appear at some point, given how much Miro talks about his “hot wife.0
>MJF vs. Jericho - This feud is deader than dead either way,
>but I really hope MJF wins here. They can find a way to get
>Jericho back wrestling later, just put this feather in MJF’s
>cap please.

I can go either way on this. The match really shouldn’t be happening. I think the better move would have been after Jericho loses, Sammy come in to take up the mantle and go over MJF. It’ll probably be Jericho, but I prefer MJF wins. I actually like Y2K a lot as a commentator. He’s got a great future as a heel color guy.

>The Artist Formerly Known As Big Show vs. QT Marshall - I will
>take a nap.

I’ll be okay with this if it ends with Agogo coming back and knocking Wight out.

>Now the big question is: does Bryan Danielson debut? Are there
>any other big debuts (like Adam Cole)? I don’t think they do
>more than 2 debuts (including Ruby),

I’ve heard Danielson might be there. Cole would be good too. I’ve also heard Flair. We’ll see.