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Topic subjectRE: All Out predictions?
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2745921, RE: All Out predictions?
Posted by jimaveli, Sat Sep-04-21 11:27 PM
Yeah, this is a outlandishly stacked card. It’s almost too much really.

WWE has opened several portals to good times. The releases/not resigning they’ve been doing is helping AEW and the other companies get more decently trained talent on their rosters all up and down the card. It is a net gain for rasslin that WWE isn’t holding every decent worker hostage just to stop them from being elsewhere. They might even be going a bit far with it. But no matter. I stand by the idea that more people watching rasslin anywhere ultimately helps WWE so it’ll be fine. I feel the same way about other companies getting their feds together. More good stuff all around can help motivate WWE to get/keep their shit together too. I like it all. I’m afraid/petrified about NXT but I will survive.

I think they are gonna debut at least 3 folks tmrw. I’m guessing we get Ruby, Bryan, and at least one more person. Could be several folks really. Cole seems like the clear one who could show up and help Kenny or the Bucks retain.

I am VERY interested in seeing how they order this card. I’m guessing Punk goes on first..especially if they’re going to keep it quickish for his first match back. I have no idea when they have Jericho go on. HE could go on last to make people think he’s gonna lose for sure. I’m guessing he wins in some unclean manner.

>I think this is gonna be a great show, even if the matches
>are fairly predictable.
>Punk vs. Darby - I expect Punk to go over in front of a
>Chicago crowd, but the Masked Man show kinda made me doubt
>this assumption. The storyline here is he wants to face a
>young guy to see if he still has it. If Darby wins, that
>arguably makes Punk’s story more compelling. Still, I
>don’t think they’ll be able to avoid that hometown pop. In
>fact, I think this match goes on last for that reason.
>Omega vs. Christian - This is obviously Omega here, but it
>should be entertaining enough. I just don’t think Christian
>is a big enough name to headline their biggest POV of the
>year, so I’m really not excited for it, but workrate-wise it
>should be popping.
>Baker vs. Statlander - I like Statlander, but I don’t see
>any reason to take the title off of Britt yet.
>Miro vs. Kingston - Another champ that’s obviously
>retaining, but I’m really looking forward to this match. I
>wish this feud had a little more time, cause these promos have
>been fire.
>Bucks vs. Lucha Bros - I can see this going either way.
>Logically they should wait to take the title off of the Bucks
>until they can face Santana and Ortiz in New York in a couple
>weeks, especially since this match doesn’t have a big build.
>But also, I’m almost certain that none of the other titles
>are changing hands, so this is the most obvious candidate.
>Either way, this match could absolutely steal the show.
>Hopefully Fenix doesn’t kill himself with whatever flippy
>shit he does off the cage. I think it’s obvious from my
>avatar who I’m rooting for lol.
>Women’s Battle Royale - The ol’ convoluted deck of cards
>gimmick! I think Ruby Soho (Riott) debuts, but doesn’t win.
>Maybe Jade Cargill or Thunder Rosa???
>Moxley vs. Kojima - Moxley obviously. I really don’t know
>why they’re doing a New Japan match if they can’t get a
>big name here. New Japan is currently running 2 big shows this
>weekend and also a huge portion of their roster has been
>injured or dealing with COVID, so I get why it had to be one
>of the older guys. Kojima is fine, he just doesn’t do
>anything for me. Would rather see a rematch with Nagata or
>Kenta honestly if they can’t get one of the stars..
>MJF vs. Jericho - This feud is deader than dead either way,
>but I really hope MJF wins here. They can find a way to get
>Jericho back wrestling later, just put this feather in MJF’s
>cap please.
>The Artist Formerly Known As Big Show vs. QT Marshall - I will
>take a nap.
>Now the big question is: does Bryan Danielson debut? Are there
>any other big debuts (like Adam Cole)? I don’t think they do
>more than 2 debuts (including Ruby), but who knows?