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Topic subjectRE: Regarding this, I agree, but they're going to have to be careful
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2745585, RE: Regarding this, I agree, but they're going to have to be careful
Posted by jimaveli, Sun Aug-29-21 08:05 AM
>>Still, it is working on me cuz he just seems like a huge
>>who deserves to get his ass kicked whenever he gets lined up
>>against the right babyface for the job. And, similar to
>>in his king shit days, every now and then, the jackass heel
>>has to get caught slipping. Ie: losing to Christian via
>>by chair-assisted finisher.
>>In this post-nWo/Stone Cold world, so many people involved
>>with wrestling struggle with figuring out how to be truly
>>heels without fucking up and becoming a tweener or antihero.
>>From what I see, Kenny and them are going way out of their
>>to be as full of shit as possible to make sure they don’t
>>get ANY ‘you’re so good at being a heel that I like
>>heat. For that, I thank them. And the babyfaces they’re
>>trying to get over do too. I think they’re doing it
>>right..maybe even almost too right based on folks being so
>>ticked about them! Haha.
>My main hope is that Omega and the Bucks don't use their EVP
>positions to feed their egos and know the right time to drop
>their respective belts. They need to be cautious, or else
>their reign on top is going to turn late 1997/early 1998 NWO,
>where everyone knew it was time to the faction to take their
>clean Ls, but they held on too long. It ended up helping put
>WCW in the grave just a few years later.
>So the Bucks REALLY need to lose the cage match to the Lucha
>Bros. at All Out. And Omega needs to drop the title to Page
>(whenever he comes back from spending time with his newborn).
>Or Punk, if they decide to go that direction (though I'd argue
>Punk doesn't need the title yet).

I’m with you. Wrestlers with booking stroke has lots of horror stories. Triple Haitch is the most recent one that I can remember that folks love to hate. Him beating Booker T after basically calling him a convict jiggaboo AFTER kicking out of a finisher AND doing a slow pin after a Pedigree moved the fuck out of my needle for instance. And I remember him winning other matches in situations where it made absolutely no sense. And I was knee deep into my booking the territory bag during his main run so that didn’t help either! I still subconsciously view the best days of NXT as HHH trying to make up for the worst parts of his run.

I trust Kenny to drop the title whenever they think they have the right person. They took so long to throw the AEW title on Omega that folks were complaining in the other direction (Ie: he’s supposed to be the king shit good wrestling match guy but he’s out there doing rando feuds). And I’m generally in the middle on Kenny. I like his matches well enough. I thought he was Supreme in his best NJPW stuff. That company is simple at the top. If you’re in the title matches, you’re a big deal, the matches are hard to win and they are obviously demanding physically in a southern/nwa type of way that I can easily understand. I like most of them even if I can agree that some of the kickouts can burn you out. They go out of their way to leave no doubt. They’re not regularly booking any steal the show shit.

He’s not a likable face on his own but he’s obnoxious enough in a landslide to be a ‘please lose, you shady fucker’ type of heel. He’s getting better at acting annoyed at everything related to title defenses like heels are known to do. He’s a natural at BEING annoying and overconfident. With the outfits, the wording of his promos, the cheating, and the facial hair, he’s obviously trying to be a bitch and he’s killing it so much that folks are legit pissed about him/telling themselves that he’s not doing it on purpose. This run might age really well depending on how it ends. Imagine him beating Christian, cheating like crazy to beat like Daniel Bryan or whoever, then finally getting his when Cowboy Page shows back up and does him in.

I don’t trust the Bucks, but maybe there’s someone around to cuss at them and get them off of the belts. I watched Lucha Underground until it got shaky in the 4th season so already know that I love me some Lucha Bros for ridiculous wrestling movez galore. Those mofos are usually pretty damn smooth with it all too.