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Topic subjectyou ever read the JYD book?
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2745447, you ever read the JYD book?
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Aug-25-21 07:28 PM
>Yes yes yes. A million times yes. I had them in midsouth and
>those dudes were monsters and menaces straight up and down.
>And yeah, I was scared of those dudes like Japanese folks
>looked to be scared of Stan Hansen for years with him forreal
>swinging a bull rope all up into the crowd. When they showed
>up with the jokes in WWF, it made me lowkey hate WWF for a

ppl whove only ever known them as the BWs would be repulsed at how they behaved before WWF lol.

>I also didn’t love that Jim Duggan and JYD weren’t big
>shit stars in WWF. I still have that big plastic JYD figure
>tho. That’s fo sho.

as a midsouth guy, if you havent read "King of New Orleans" you absolutely HAVE to. its sooooo good, and not very long. i listened to the audiobook and im gonna listen again. nice dive into why he was the perfect guy for that time and that place, and why Watts tried so hard to recreate him. in retrospect JYD was kind of a "catch and kill" signing, which is too bad.

>And yeah, Smokey Mountain is a real thing..Corny deserves love
>for pulling that off too. I’d figure that Paul E would throw
>some flowers out over that too. Like you, I didn’t see much
>of it.

all of SMW is on Youtube and Im about 8 eps in. fun hour so far and stuff hasnt really even picked up yet.

>Side note: I still don’t understand why Dr. Death Steve
>Williams went to Japan instead of being big shit somewhere
>here. He was EXCELLENT for hella years. A guy like him now
>would print money.

id guess it was because of the style and lack of mic work. lean hard into what he ws good at, avoid what he wasnt