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Topic subjectTHE SHEEPHERDERS!!!!!!!!!!
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2745405, THE SHEEPHERDERS!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by jimaveli, Tue Aug-24-21 03:10 PM
Yes yes yes. A million times yes. I had them in midsouth and those dudes were monsters and menaces straight up and down. And yeah, I was scared of those dudes like Japanese folks looked to be scared of Stan Hansen for years with him forreal swinging a bull rope all up into the crowd. When they showed up with the jokes in WWF, it made me lowkey hate WWF for a minute.

I also didn’t love that Jim Duggan and JYD weren’t big shit stars in WWF. I still have that big plastic JYD figure tho. That’s fo sho.

And yeah, Smokey Mountain is a real thing..Corny deserves love for pulling that off too. I’d figure that Paul E would throw some flowers out over that too. Like you, I didn’t see much of it.

Side note: I still don’t understand why Dr. Death Steve Williams went to Japan instead of being big shit somewhere here. He was EXCELLENT for hella years. A guy like him now would print money.

>>It is wild to think about ECW now. It deserves at least some
>>credit for creating some energy on earth to make more people
>>feel like they could start their own rasslin companies.
>i think Jim Cornette might get take umbrage haha. SMW beat
>Heyman to ECW by a few years. that being said your point
>stands. ECW had the internet to work with and eventually
>became something I could see on syndication in Detroit,
>whereas i never saw SMW before the last few years. since i
>missed the territory days by just this><much (and Detroit
>wasnt in SMWs region), ECW was the first TV i ever saw outaide
>of the Big 2.
>i feel like ol' Double J was destined to give it a go
>regardless lol
>>PWG, ROH, WWN, Chikara, and places like this come to mind.
>>sure, we're very fortunate that lots of those feds didn't go
>>overboard on the violence like ECW wasn't above doing. But
>>still, the world is a better place when rasslers have
>>places to go work. That's one of Corny's really strong
>>points about 'tha territory days'. If you left/had a falling
>>out at one place, you could show up some other place and
>>- do the same stuff again in another town (IE: the 'get
>>suspended and show up as an alternate character' gimmick;
>>redoing storylines/feuds, sometimes with all of the same
>>people and match finishes)
>>- do something completely different and have a clean af
>>because people weren't going to make a habit of chasing you
>>around the territories yelling your old/completely different
>>gimmick at you
>in listening to old pods of his, and where I am now he's going
>deep into what wrestlers were making at various times in
>various territories, and its nuts. people all over America
>making Wrestlemania payoffs once or twice a month in the
>flagship town of a weekly territory.
>I have to believe the territory system forced stuff to be more
>creatively inspired yet with minimal fakery. its crazy to
>think about how good stuff had to be to go buy a ticket every.
>single. week. and not even always on the weekends, but like,
>Tuesdays. continually having to do that over and over with
>different crowds who like different shit made getting yourself
>over an imperative, rather than thinking you were just gonna
>come in and do "your stuff"
>>(IE: Mean Mark --> Undertaker; Isaac Yankem -->
>>Kane; Vinny Vegas --> Diesel; hell, even something like
>>Demolition Crush --> Islander Crush --> Brian Adams).
>>I remember seeing folks change gimmicks/fed as a kid and
>>thinking stuff like 'wait, Ted DiBiase is rich now!?
>>Okaaaayyyy'. Or 'Wait a minute, ain't that Diamond Stud!?'.
>>'Hey pops, that one dude in Doom has to be Butch Reed,
>>And of course, 'damn, Tugboat busted his ass coming through
>>that wall!! Bwahahahahaha!'.
>my dad and I loved playing this game! in fact, growing up,I
>had trouble accepting that guys like Kevin were championship
>level because "Vinny Vegas could obviously never beat Bret
>Hart!". Scott Hall won me over everywhere because he was so
>good, but even in WCW the second time i had trouble buying it,
>and I was old enough to have my license.
>The vicious blood-thirsty Sheepherders becoming the
>Bushwhackers was a big one for me, because the fear of them
>led me to flee backstage at a Crockett show before I got to
>meet Sting (Tommy Young let us come back bc we asked for his
>autograph and made him cry lmao). when they showed up on WWF
>TV licking babies a few months later I was HOT. i felt like a
>huge dumbass.
>even Stone Cold, it took me a minute to warm up to him as more
>than a high level IC Champ kind of guy because no one had ever
>presented him as a King of the Mountain type.
>Barry Darsow and Mike Rotunda even retroactively ruined their
>Demolition and Varsity Club gimmicks for me with Repo and IRS
>respectively (altho IRS had a little bit of Scott Hall-type
>redemption with his wrestling), because "oh wow these guys
>were idiots the whole time" lol.
>i could talk about guys switching gimmicks during the Silly
>Gimmick Era alllllllllll day.