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Topic subjectRE: crazy that its been 33 years since Paul E showed up on TBS
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2745380, RE: crazy that its been 33 years since Paul E showed up on TBS
Posted by jimaveli, Mon Aug-23-21 03:37 PM
>with the Original Midnights, and was enough of a dick to turn
>Cornette babyface
>fast forward to now and WWE's central program is based around
>2 guys he manages
>what an incredible run. probably wont ever see another like

This IS crazy. Wow. I'd forgotten about how he came in.

Of course, I'll never forget that big azz cell phone/weapon. Or ECW.

It is wild to think about ECW now. It deserves at least some credit for creating some energy on earth to make more people feel like they could start their own rasslin companies. TNA, PWG, ROH, WWN, Chikara, and places like this come to mind. Now sure, we're very fortunate that lots of those feds didn't go overboard on the violence like ECW wasn't above doing. But still, the world is a better place when rasslers have multiple places to go work. That's one of Corny's really strong talking points about 'tha territory days'. If you left/had a falling out at one place, you could show up some other place and either:

- do the same stuff again in another town (IE: the 'get suspended and show up as an alternate character' gimmick; redoing storylines/feuds, sometimes with all of the same people and match finishes)
- do something completely different and have a clean af slate because people weren't going to make a habit of chasing you around the territories yelling your old/completely different gimmick at you (IE: Mean Mark --> Undertaker; Isaac Yankem --> Kane; Vinny Vegas --> Diesel; hell, even something like Demolition Crush --> Islander Crush --> Brian Adams).

I remember seeing folks change gimmicks/fed as a kid and thinking stuff like 'wait, Ted DiBiase is rich now!? Okaaaayyyy'. Or 'Wait a minute, ain't that Diamond Stud!?'. 'Hey pops, that one dude in Doom has to be Butch Reed, right?'.

And of course, 'damn, Tugboat busted his ass coming through that wall!! Bwahahahahaha!'.