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Topic subjectPaul E. is part of two of my favorite JCP/WCW angles
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2745353, Paul E. is part of two of my favorite JCP/WCW angles
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Aug-22-21 05:20 PM
The first is of course the Midnights vs. Midnights, which was just great TV. The fact that it culminated in a Tuxedo Match between Paul E. and Cornette that could have understandibly been a complete comedy match that they both decided to play fairly straight was also awesome.

The second is the whole Dangerous Alliance angle, which was also 20 types of awesome and culminated in probably the best War Games ever. Then it stopped because WCW didn't know what the hell else to do with them.

But yeah, Paul E. has great vision, an eye for talent, and ability to book to everyone's strengths. So many of the guys still at the top of WWE and other top guys we are around wrestling or his projects or guys he championed.