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Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun Aug-22-21 04:13 PM
>They did a good job of keeping Brock under wraps. And he
>looked like a damn monster in a fighting game alternate
>costume. I thought about it briefly when they declined to say
>Brock’s name in a spot where they were obviously referring
>to him during the main event. But I thought ‘Nahhhh,
>probably at some point but not tonight, g’.
>WWE is obviously going in the direction of hosses so it makes
>sense that they’d fork over money for Brock again. I just
>hope they make it fun with Reigns being as glorious and
>dynamic as a heel as he has been the last year. This time, I
>assume he’ll be a little bit more of a bitch about it
>though..trying to evade Brock, trying to get Paul to talk him
>down, for sure throwing Uce 1 and 2 at him against their
>interest, all of that. I’d still think it ends with Reigns
>on-top before his next thing.

they are gonna get everything they can out of Roman (of whom there is still a LOT to give) and then he is going to make a franchise babyface for the next 5 years.

>They fucked up the Becky/Sasha thing pretty big and did it in
>a petty way with how they produced and announced it. They
>shouldn’t be this worried about anything happening on AEW or
>anywhere because they are number 1 by a lot in all of the ways
>they claim to care most about. What AEW eats shouldn’t make
>them shit..and certainly not ice cream! Haha. They should make
>badass shows filled with shit that is generally fun and
>sensible and know that nobody should be able to catch them.
>Let the other feds have their fun spending big money and doing
>their fan service stuff. It’ll just excite the ‘I will
>watch your wrestling show..just make it fun’ folks like me
>and it’ll be fine.
>And like most, I wonder what’s going on with Banks. Rona
>seems like the obvious guess but there’s no telling until
>they tell with her. It was wild to find out that Belair had
>gone through some rough stuff in her past. I hope she’s good
>too cuz she’s right around the top shit for women’s
>wrestling for me. And her husband is dope too.

it had to be Covid. i dont remember them ever mentioning it again after the announcement, and if it were an injury or something i dont think they would have done that.

with a marquee thing unavailable i understand why they pivoted to another marquee thing, but jesus christ @ that outcome. why not just piss in Biancas face while shes down there?