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Topic subjectJust do what you’re good at. Can’t you just do what you’re good at?
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2745338, Just do what you’re good at. Can’t you just do what you’re good at?
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sun Aug-22-21 10:01 AM
Stop trying to swerve everyone from nowhere, stop trying to elevate the brand or whatever, stop trying to prove that you’re anything more than a great wrestling company and just be a great wrestling company. You saw last night, when they just go with straight ahead stories that make sense and rely on their performers the results are almost always fantastic. RKBRO, Usos, Rollins/Edge, and Cena/Reigns were all exactly what I want from a Summerslam.

But what is this Nakamura pointless entrance? What are these commercials? What’s this just brutally hard to watch Goldberg schmoz all about?

The Lashley ass kicking was so thorough that the longer it went the more convinced I became that Big E was going to cash in, especially considering he wasn’t even on the main show (reminder- he has a golden ticket that in theory can give him a championship match at the snap of a finger) But that was it! Your shoot fighter juice head champ who everyone agrees is in his prime just beat a dude in his 50s who can’t pick up his opponents anymore. What are we doing?

Again, most puzzling was the decision to promote the Banks/Belair match all the way until the bell and then pull the bait and switch. For one, it’s just unprofessional bullshit to do that. There’s surely kids there who came to see Sasha for one. Then there’s the fact that Bianca Belair WHO WOULD BEAT THE DOGSHIT OUT OF BECKY LYNCH IN A GENUINE STREETFIGHT just gets jobbed in 30 seconds, one minute after Becky said they were going to “blow the roof off this place.” I think Becky Lynch is as overrated a performer as Cena is, which is to say it’s all personality and mic and very little in-ring prowess. What a mess that whole scene was.

Reigns/Cena was not surprisingly very good. Cena was and still is just such a clumsy guy, I feel like he could trip and face plant at any moment. And I’m in my 30s so obviously his gimmick is irrelevant to me too. I appreciate all he did and acknowledge that he’s an all time draw , but man he’s so inferior to Roman Reigns in just about every credible way that I think they could’ve gone either further. This could’ve been more violent in my opinion, but for what it was it definitely felt like a worthwhile main event for an NFL stadium.

Reigns is all they understand how to book and when you’re that good it’s hard to botch. Booking Reigns is like coaching the 2017 Warriors., He’s the most consistent and the most over, the cool of Batista with the ability of his cousin Rock. I’d leave the belt on him 2 years, or at least until Big E has to cash in before the briefcase expires.