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2745229, RE: OKPW: Summerfest and Phil forthcoming
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Aug-18-21 02:19 PM
>Sunday NXT. It may be one of the last of this era of NXT if
>the rumors are to be believed.

they beat Ilja on TV last week with a distraction finish? smh lol

but NXT is where Eli Drake / LA Knight is so id be watching anyways. best overall pro wrestler alive imo.

>ridiculous heel goofball character

ive never been a fan of these words in sequence beyond the third match on the card. thats how someone would have described Disco Inferno in 1997. im finding myself not wanting to see him lose matches, but to lose his job and TV time.

>Malaki Black MOPPED Cody and
>might actually be taken seriously for a while now.

Cody launching himself thru a table for no reason whatsoever, and then doing the silliest retirement angle i can think of off the top of my head, stole the show in the wrong way. even trying to get someone else over he had to do a rambling soliloquy about how he doesnt want to do anymore rambling soliloquies. that and the whole Black vs White thing that was way too on the nose for my tastes. and now hes leaving again to go film more TV and even AEWs core fanbase is getting sick of his in and out routines.

>Christian is back and
>he's still really good. Now, he can go and try to help Impact
>stay on its course to being a decent rasslin program worth
>thumbing through from time to time.

Good to know that Impact's champion is tougher and smarter than AEW's World AND Tag Team Champions, AND their manager, all at once. Booker of the year!

nothing against Christian, hes still very good and i popped when he came out for the Rumble. but cmon.

>Zoomed out, I'm really happy to see how many 'this person
>might not ever wrestle again' people we have on the scene
>right now. Christian. Phil. Bryan. SAMOA DAMN JOE! Hell, even
>Reigns and Cena! Edge! Even someone like Sasha Banks was
>looking to be a shaky bet to be back for a while there. At
>some point, we're getting Becky again too. And now that we
>know what was up with Keef Lee? Whew!! Even crazy ass Ospreay
>is hinting at coming back now. This all seems pretty good to

when i tried (and failed) to make it thru a whole episode of RAW in 2018 for the first time in many years, Samoa Joe stood out to me as a guy who would be a star in any era and in any territory. im looking forward to that very very much.

and Cena...man. he makes the people around him look bad the same way Punk is going to make people look bad, by being SO good on the mic that you cant help but notice that others arent even *within* a few levels, much less on the same one. im actually excited for WWE programming for once in this millennium, altho the Ilja thing is kind of a bummer.