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Topic subjectOKPW: Summerfest and Phil forthcoming
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2745226, OKPW: Summerfest and Phil forthcoming
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Aug-18-21 12:12 PM
We have:

Saturday Summerfest with some pretty big matches. Reigns/Cena has the heat and they're both too good for it to be bad.

Sunday NXT. It may be one of the last of this era of NXT if the rumors are to be believed. I'm happy to see fugging Samoa Joe again. That's for sure.

Phil (and Daniel Bryan) are (allegedly) coming to AEW. Kenny Omega is going around with Harley Race facial hair and being a ridiculous heel goofball character who people want to see lose. And he is SELLING HIS ASS OFF during matches. He sold that Christian Killswitch like it was a burning hammer.

Some of the 'ex-WWE' folks are finding their place around the world. In AEW, Rusev looks great and is having good matches while anchoring the TV title. Malaki Black MOPPED Cody and might actually be taken seriously for a while now. For TNA, Deonna's big fine self is doing work and Christian is back and he's still really good. Now, he can go and try to help Impact stay on its course to being a decent rasslin program worth thumbing through from time to time.

Zoomed out, I'm really happy to see how many 'this person might not ever wrestle again' people we have on the scene right now. Christian. Phil. Bryan. SAMOA DAMN JOE! Hell, even Reigns and Cena! Edge! Even someone like Sasha Banks was looking to be a shaky bet to be back for a while there. At some point, we're getting Becky again too. And now that we know what was up with Keef Lee? Whew!! Even crazy ass Ospreay is hinting at coming back now. This all seems pretty good to me!

And really...

I'm old enough to remember Magnum TA never making it back in the ring. I also remember Dynamite Kid. If we're being honest, we should remember how much time even a guy like Stone Cold spent on ice during his main run. Anyway, I don't take all of these folks being around again lightly at all. Even now, we have Bray somewhere dealing with stuff. And forreal, Harper just smooth died. AKA we can't just assume that these folks are gonna be around forever for us to do the internet complain festival shit about. So, don't let all of these rebook every segment podcasts and tweets trick you. Negativity is obviously their business model. Don't fall for it. If you look around, there's some fun shit going on.