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Topic subjectWho really fits the bill, though?
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2744996, Who really fits the bill, though?
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Aug-11-21 11:04 AM
Like, Damian Lillard just isn't what the Warriors need, so he's likely out.

I've gone on record saying I think the Ben Simmons addition could really work out, but it's not exactly like his value is sky high at present, and the Sixers will likely be happy to wait until they get the right deal.

I meaaaaaaaan, if Zion and New Orleans are *actually* headed for a divorce, I feel like you could make an offer there, but then you encounter the problem that Zion's on a rookie deal, and there's likely no way you can send New Orleans the types of assets Zion is worth while making the money work.

Maybe Brad Beal? But since he'll be a free agent next year, why move considerable assets for him (unless near the deadline the Warriors think he'd make them favorites this year)?

Maybe make a move for Sabonis? Someone like that could provide value, but it's not like the Warriors generally play the sort of game that Sabonis brings max value for.

I just don't know off the top where the slam dunk deal is that will match the value on the Warriors roster of trading two high-upside dudes like Wiseman and Kuminga-- especially when Wiseman and Kuminga are both good matches for the roster if they come along. But I could be missing someone.