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Topic subjectOne note re: Ayo vs. Sharife:
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2744959, One note re: Ayo vs. Sharife:
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Aug-10-21 11:43 AM
Ayo is pretty unquestionably the "safer" pick. He's easily the better shooter, easily the better defender, and has more obvious physical tools to stick in the league. (He's also just such a hard worker, bulldog mentality, high character guy.)

Sharife is higher upside potentially, because if he can stick, he's already an elite ballhandler and elite live dribble passer, even by NBA standards, and those are exceptionally hard skills to develop. But... he's so small, not strong, can't finish through contact, can't defend at all, can't really shoot at all. His highest possible outcome (an outcome in which he learns how to shoot) might be higher than Ayo's highest, but his lowest possible outcome is waaaaay lower imo. Like, out of the league in relatively short order lower. Because if you're tiny, can't shoot, and can't defend, how do you stay on the floor? I think those are the reasons why he slipped so far on draft night.

So I think Ayo will be great for you-- especially considering the Bulls' goal is clearly to make the playoffs and try to push for good seeding already. Ayo is more ready to immediately contribute than Sharife in most projected outcomes.