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Topic subjectyeah Silver seems like an okay dude in comparison
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2742771, yeah Silver seems like an okay dude in comparison
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Jul-10-21 09:57 PM

to Stern cuz fuck that guy...but

The gimmicks are getting a little tired. The All-star game is more silly than it has ever been, the play-in tournament is meh at best, and this mid-season shit would be fucking stupid.

The NBA has a great product...they should have more confidence in said product.

Make the regular season more important by requiring players play x amount of games to be considered for awards/all-nba teams, throw more money at teams that win standings, etc.

And start financially punishing teams that are perpetually bad. Like, if you go 5+ years without making the playoffs you should start losing your share or some shit.

Try little tweaks like that prior to changing shit up completely.