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Topic subjectBig 12 president says College Football Playoff expansion on ‘life support’
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2745499, Big 12 president says College Football Playoff expansion on ‘life support’
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Aug-27-21 09:21 AM

Many want to see the College Football Playoff expanded to include more than 4 teams. West Virginia president E. Gordon Gee, who is a member of the CFP management committee, used to feel that way.
However, Gee’s opinion has changed. And now, he won’t be voting in favor of expanding the Playoff when things reach that point.
“I was a strong advocate for the 12-team playoff,” Gee recently told Charles Montgomery of The Daily Athenaeum. “I am now no longer, because I think with this changing environment, we want to keep it very narrow and keep it so there is a lot of opportunity to reconfigure what we’re doing in athletics.”
Gee seems to believes that there are other members who would vote the same way.
“I think it is on life support now,” Gee told Montgomery. “I have one of the votes and I think it nearly needs to be unanimous, and I’m not voting for it. I think the Big Ten will not vote for it, and the Pac 12 will probably not vote for it either.”
Since the College Football Playoff was implemented prior to the 2014 season, the only Big 12 program that has made it is Oklahoma, which has been selected 4 times. The Sooners, along with Texas, are now heading to the SEC.
The CFP landscape has been dominated by a handful of programs, with Alabama (6), Clemson (6), Ohio State (4) and Oklahoma (4) all being frequent participants.
Perhaps enough people will eventually believe the Playoff should be expanded that it could happen. But for now, it looks like it may be staying with the 4-team format.