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Topic subjecttranslation: you're illogical and annoying
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2740557, translation: you're illogical and annoying
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Jun-17-21 02:42 PM
In an earlier exchange someone asked me to share what I think the bigger problems in cfb are. So I did. Not sure how that gets twisted into you questioning whether or not I should continue watching cfb. It's really not your concern.

>trying to get you to change your mind

and who's mind have have you changed here?

let's recap:

You start a thread about how much you love the new playoff idea. Literally every single person in this thread responds with how much they hate it.

You were asked several times to name a recent non-playoff team that you feel had a legit shot of winning the NC and you can't name ONE damn team.

You bring up cincinnati and georgia...a really great example given that UGA wasn't even a playoff team and also missing a boatload of their players. And they *still* won. Also fun fact... Cincinnati lost to OSU (an actual playoff team) 42-0 the year prior.

I've asked you several times why nobody in this thread likes the new format despite your claims that the change was made because of popular demand...and you ignore this question every time.

The only semi coherent argument you've made for changing the format is "because other sports do it" and therefore we need to mimic their model because...I dunno.

Like this isn't even a big deal, you're allowed to like whatever you like, but normally you'd just agree to disagree and move on. But if you're hellbent on changing people's minds then come up with an actual argument, answer questions when they're directed at you instead of getting all hurt about it.